A membership and community space designed with you at the heart. Join a collective of like-minded, creative business owners to build an aligned brand and master your marketing.

Welcome to Blossom


"Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much." - Helen Keller

When I first started my business and took the leap in full-time, I can't say that there were many things I missed. As an introvert, I found corporate life exhausting. But, there was a certain sense of comradery amongst the team I managed. We'd help each other out, support one another through challenging times, collaborate and share ideas.

When I was made redundant, I was suddenly left to my own devices. That came with a lot of responsibility. 

- I could work whenever and wherever I wanted to, so I had to try and find discipline and motivation
- I set all of the deadlines, managed all of the projects and was the only decision-maker in the business
- It was my responsibility to work ON my business as well as IN my business, so I was constantly juggling
- All of the creative idea generation fell on my plate too - everything came back to me

Quite frankly, I felt like I was up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I had no compass. No orientation. No accountability.

It wasn't long before I sought out help in the form of a membership space. It was one of the first things that I invested in for my brand.

I created a membership and community space - designed for business owners just like you.

COMMUNITY - Join a wonderful group of like-minded individuals

Discover connection, collaboration and support from the other wonderful members who are already inside.

STRATEGY - Access expert strategic advice for your business

Take part in the monthly coaching calls and training sessions to upskill in your business. Plus, you can ask a question at any time in the Facebook group.

ALIGNMENT - Build a business that perfectly complements your vision

Discover your brand voice, achieve clarity with your marketing strategy and sure up those business foundations to line yourself up for future success.

I have designed Blossom to provide you with ongoing support, gentle accountability and a safe space for you to explore new ideas. Think of it as your new business bestie.

Blossom is home to around 40 creative entrepreneurs and counting. And now, it's your turn to jump into this beautiful community.

Enjoy a 30 day free trial here:

Support networks should be accessible for every entrepreneur.  We are proud to offer either monthly or annual payments for our membership spaces. No matter what your business size or budget is currently, there is always a spot at the table here for you.


Is this the right option for me?

Blossom has been designed to support small business owners and artisan brands. Product and service-based businesses are both welcome to join, with specific training provided for each type of business wherever possible.

Each month, there will be a series of training and group coaching delivered, covering a wide range of topics including:

- Marketing - marketing channels, marketing strategy, analytics, content creation 
- Business foundations - ideal client, commercial viability and pricing, business strategy and planning, financial forecasting, goal setting
- Branding - branding foundations, tone of voice, brand personality, visual branding
- Specialist areas - PR, sustainability/conscious business, wholesaling, mindset, productivity, organisation 

If you're looking for a community space where you can become an active participant, Blossom is perfect for you. The more you can collaborate and get involved in the conversations, there more you will get back from the space.

The space has been designed to be a safe space - there is no such thing as a silly question. I encourage you to support one another. If you're looking to hire someone for your business, you could also throw out a request into the membership - you might just find your next little gem!


Facebook community

Blossom is delivered within an exclusive private Facebook group. Upon enrolment, you will be added into the group within 24 hours of signing up. 

All of the historic training sessions and group coaching calls are always shared via a replay, which means there will be a huge library of resources for you to browse once you join the space.

All sessions will be held using Zoom and links are provided ahead of time.

monthly schedule

Each month, you'll receive an email from me, confirming the dates for any live training or group coaching calls coming up during the month. I will vary time days and times each month to give everyone a chance to attend live.

The schedule will always include:
1 x Group Coaching Call per month
1 or 2 x Live Training Sessions by me or another guest expert per month

Questions can be asked at any time in the Facebook group - you don't have to wait for the monthly calls. We also hold regular Blossom co-working calls with fellow members to help with productivity and focus.

how much does it cost?

the investment

The monthly membership is only £20 per month*, with your first month FREE!

The annual membership is £200 per year* - this gives you TWO MONTHS FREE.

*This price includes VAT of 20%. 

how much time do i need to commit?

We're all extremely busy people, so I'm glad you asked.

To get the most from the membership space, I would highly recommend attending the live sessions each month as a minimum.

You can always catch up with these - replays will always be available in the group, either via Facebook Lives or Zoom Calls.

These live sessions will typically last around 60 minutes and there will be a minimum of two each month

You can ask a question at any time in the group and I'll checking in every day (Mon-Fri) to share my thoughts. If you're launching something new, would like the support and opinions of the other members or you just need a moment to express yourself, Blossom is the place to do it.

Beyond that, Blossom is your space. Enjoy it.

So, what topics will be covered in the Blossom Membership Space?

I'd love for you to join us

MINDSET - Think productivity, organisation, money mindset and motivation.

Your business won't succeed without strategy, but it also won't succeed with the wrong mindset. 

TECHNICAL - Upskill and embrace new technology and systems

Do you feel bamboozled by analytics? Overwhelmed by systems and procedures? We'll break down the tech jargon so you feel confident.

SPECIALIST - Learn from the very best in key business development areas

From sustainability to wholesaling, I want to bring in experts to help you enhance business operations across the board.

I'll be sharing my years of marketing knowledge and experience with you. We'll talk about soulful business ownership and how to build a truly aligned brand.

However, I also bring in regular guest experts who tackle a wide range of subjects.

In the Facebook group, you'll find heaps of historic training sessions we've already held including topics like:

Leveraging Human Design, The Law of Attraction, Sacred Power and Powerful Mindset Techniques

Hands-On Marketing Topics including Email Marketing, SEO, Pinterest, Content Planning, Copywriting - and more! 

Time Management Boundaries and Managing Your Energy

Money Management, Business Strategy + Vision Casting

Handling Burnout and Imposter Syndrome 

Harnessing PR, Outreach + Podcast Strategies 

Increasing Conversions and Improving Website User Experience

What's it like behind-the-scenes of Blossom?

Blossom is truly a thriving community hub. Our Facebook group is the heart of the membership. As you can see from the snippets below, we're right there alongside you. Overcoming challenges, celebrating successes, providing accountability and just enjoy entrepreneurship together.

"Joining Blossom has ben a huge help, not just in my business, but also my personal life. Having a community that helps me to stay accountable for my day to day life is invaluable. The monthly group caching calls, guest speakers and the FB community are such a wealth of knowledge and support. I would without a doubt recommend this group community to everyone that runs a small business."

katy - warriner leatherworks

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What do existing members say about blossom?

"Never feel alone in your business again. Building your own business is the absolute dream but the one thing missing is human interaction - especially with like-minded people. Blossom is the answer - so many lovely people all in one place. Laura is an actual angel and genuinely cares about you and your business. She always goes the extra mile and always makes you feel so welcome."

Kirsty - intruekirstyle

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What do existing members say about blossom?

"Being part of Blossom has been wonderful so far. It feels like a community with support - friendly advice, relaxed and reliable. It’s the cosy corner of the internet where you can curl up with friends and feel empowered in who you are and all you are achieving together."

amanda - wild birch studio

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What do existing members say about blossom?

"Blossom is an incredibly safe and supportive space and Laura is the catalyst for that. There is so much on offer for us to learn and feel supported in our entrepreneurial journeys. It feels like a safe space for asking questions and bringing up difficulties."

Liz - Soulshine society

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What do existing members say about blossom?

"Loving this membership! It was exactly what I was looking for in order to support my business AND my mental health. Knowing that you are not alone in your entrepreneurial struggles is magical and this community is amazingly supportive of your goals!"

jackie - kind by design nyc

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What do existing members say about blossom?

If you still have questions, feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram for a chat!

"Blossom has provided fantastic resources that have helped me in restarting my business. It also comes with a wonderful community of like-minded entrepreneurs who make you feel fully supported in your endeavours. Laura is very responsive and makes time for all the members with her words of wisdom and encouragement. I'm glad I joined where other ways of working with Laura are currently out of my budget."

Coralie - the sketchy panda + the portrait shop

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"What a gloriously supportive business group! It's a no-pressure, no-judgement space to think out loud and get feedback around business issues and to celebrate successes! With the training and Q&A sessions as well, this is a solid investment in myself and my business."

katelia - katelia jewellery + katelia designs

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"I joined Blossom because, as a business owner who works alone, it is wonderful to have somewhere to meet like-minded people who understand the ups and downs of working on your own thing. Laura is so amazing at providing feedback and always goes the extra mile to answer any questions too, which I am so grateful for. The 'expert workshops' we have had so far have also been really valuable."

lucy - leaflane studio + swearycats

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Looking for more personalised support? Explore our 1:1 creative coaching sessions and intensives.

explore resources

We also have some wonderful resources available to help you at your own pace.   
Click below to view our courses and downloads. 

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