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It's time for you to Flourish

Do any of these sound familiar?

Whenever you think about marketing, you feel clueless and lost

You know you need to be marketing your business but you really don't know which channels are worth the time or investment. You feel lost when it comes to targeting your ideal client too.

Nothing feels truly strategic in your business

You have some numbers jotted down and an idea of what success could look like but you aren't sure how to achieve it. You feel completely out of alignment and your business plan is honestly a bit of a mess.

Your social media strategy is non-existent

Without a proper social media strategy, you're currently just throwing things against the wall and hoping something sticks. But you're totally stuck on how to improve things.

You're constantly comparing yourself to your competitors

Every day, you're consuming content. Freebies, courses, webinars -  information overload. You also can't stop checking your competitors out to see what they're doing but you don't feel like your business is getting anywhere.

How would an extra pair of expert hands in your business change things for you?

Achieve structure and strategic direction

Head confidently into each month, knowing your targets and your commercial goals, with a fully defined marketing strategy.

Start working way more efficiently

Those things you've been putting off finally get done. Big projects don't seem quite so daunting and new launches are always well-thought-through. 

Post purposeful, meaningful content

You have a content marketing plan. You know what, where and when you're posting but most importantly, you know why. Every post has a clear purpose and desired outcome.

Feel uplifted, energised and upskilled 

You feel a shift within yourself too. Your confidence increases, with newly-acquired skills and knowledge to move your business forward.

If you'd like to talk to me about the programme, simply schedule a discovery call with me.

Marketing & Brand Strategist

F   Fixing your foundations
Your brand and business foundations will be absolutely solid, including your visual identity, online presence and vision for the future.

L   Language & Storytelling
You'll become super comfortable with your brand voice, filling you with confidence when it comes to communication in your business.

O   Offers, Packages & Pricing
Whether it's products or packages, you'll have a clear understanding of what you're selling - and we'll ensure it's commercially viable too.

U   Understanding your USP
Embracing where you fit within a busy marketplace can be incredibly overwhelming. We'll work on this to give you a clear marketing message.

R   Revenue & Goal Setting
A plan for the next 6 -12 months in your business is also on the agenda. You'll walk away with clarity on your strategic and commercial goals.

I   Ideal Client Investigation
One of the absolute core pillars of any successful business is your ideal client. We'll make sure you understand them inside out. 

S   Strategic Marketing Plan
A huge takeaway from our time together will be your strategic marketing plan - complete with individual channel plans and a clear route forward.

H   Habits for Future Success
You'll also be armed with foundational knowledge that will set you up for future success - think healthy habits and how to handle analytics.

Oh, my lovely - it's time for you to flourish.

We'll work together for a minimum of 12 weeks. These are the key areas that we'll tackle in order to elevate your brand and business.

Ready to flourish?


Is this the right option for me?

It's really important that you understand this section before committing to my programme.

If you're looking for a coach that promises any of the following, then I'm NOT the right choice for you:

- Guaranteed $10k, $50k or even $100k months
- An out-of-the-box blueprint for you to take, replicate and rebadge as your own
- A tried and tested success roadmap that ANYONE can follow, with the exact same results

The reason I pledge NONE of those things is because I believe that you and your business should be wholly unique.

I want to create a bespoke strategy for your business that feels good. I want to help you achieve amazing results that enable you to live the life that you want, no matter what your ideal monthly revenue goal looks like. Business growth should be sustainable and aligned with you.

I would urge you to deeply consider the kind of business you're trying to build and always question the following:

- Is your coach really taking home the amount of revenue they say they are earning?
- What experience do they actually have? When did they start their business? What did they do before?
- Is the programme they're offering tailored in any way to suit your business?


The programme also includes: 

Post-call follow-ups (Google Docs & Asana)

After each call, I'll provide you with a summary Google Doc with a record of our conversation. Plus, I'll populate our shared Asana project with all of your crystal-clear next steps.

In-between Support (Monday - Friday)

Anything we don't have time to cover on our monthly call can be answered via our Asana project or via Voxer (voice note app). I'll check in with you on Voxer once per day Mon-Fri if you need me.

A cheerleader - for life.

When you invest in me, I invest in you. I'll be in your corner for the time we work together and can't wait to celebrate your successes. I adore all of my clients, many of whom have become fast friends.

The TWELVE week programme

The Flourish programme includes a 1:1 Zoom strategy session with me - every other week, for 12 weeks.

We'll deep dive into your business to establish where I can best support you. We'll craft a completely bespoke and tailored marketing plan for you. We'll review your marketing channels and campaign activities too. 

We can tackle everything from your business foundations, product and service suite, through to your content marketing strategy. I want you to feel confident in targeting your ideal client and securing the revenue you need.

And if you'd like to extend your time working with me beyond 12 weeks, we can absolutely do that. Many of my clients have been working with me for 6 - 12+ months.

how much does it cost?

the investment

You are welcome to pay in full, in monthly instalments, or via an extended payment plan. We can talk about this on your discovery call.

£665 GBP / $900 USD / $1275 AUD
Amount payable per month of the Flourish Programme

Flourish clients also receive ONE MONTH FREE in the Blossom Membership Space for every month of coaching that you commit to. This will be a minimum of three months for free within the initial 12 week commitment.

Still have questions? Book a discovery call with me or visit my frequently asked questions page. 

If you're looking for sustainable business growth, you're in the right place.


Thanks so much for this, and for such a huge amount of work. I think you’ve probably put into eight pages what I’ve been thinking for years. I’ve had a quick look through, but am going to have a proper read later. You’ve very helpfully listed some immediate action points. Thank you!

David - David Barton Music
flourish client

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Thank you so much for everything, You've certainly nudged my business up a few notches and everything is looking good on my website now. I can't wait to get stuck in and give it all a go. Thank you for all that work you have done for me.

Tea - Skydance Yoga -
flourish client

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Working with Laura has been absolutely wonderful! She is supportive, knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. Laura listens to what you need and responds sensitively to the way you work. Her feedback is valuable and actionable, cheering you on as you develop and grow in business. Just invaluable.
I couldn’t wish for a better mentor.

Amanda rickaby - brightapril art - flourish client

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