When you feel out of alignment with your business, it can affect everything. From productivity to revenue, your strategy and focus has a far-reaching impact. My intensives have been designed to remove friction and create clarity in your business.

Ready to get focused?


Is this the right option for me?

Intensives are a bespoke, tailored 1:1 experience. They are designed to suit your exact requirements and we can dig into challenges you're experiencing with your marketing or brand strategy. Intensives are the best option if you have 2 - 3 core areas of your business that you'd like to be proactively working in the next few months. Of, if you're struggling with one of your core marketing channels, such as Instagram or email.

Do you feel like you're experiencing any of the following?

My intensive experience is designed to help you work through any barriers you're facing, allowing you to walk away with a clear strategy. I work with a combination of product and service-based businesses. 

A lack of leads and sales?

Feeling stuck on what to do next with your business strategy or a specific part of your marketing efforts?

Making things up as you go along each month without clear direction?

Concerned that your branding isn't quite right?


As a result of this call, the aim is for you to experience:


Major breakthroughs in the areas of the business that you were previously struggling with

Absolute clarity on how to effectively target your ideal client via your preferred marketing platforms

Confidence with your marketing and brand strategy moving forward from here

Tangible, actionable next steps on how to improve things - intensives are jam-packed with strategy and best-practice tips

Getting a second pair of expert eyes across your business can make the world of difference, providing creativity and encouraging accountability.

what's included?

All of my intensives are designed to suit you and your business. There's no set curriculum but there's a typical flow of how this works.

Before we meet

I'll pop across a discovery questionnaire and I'll have already started looking at the issues you're experiencing. I'll need the questionnaire back at least 24 hours before we're due to talk. Before the session, I'll also audit any relevant channels or comms within your business to ensure I come armed with recommendations and ideas.

During the call

Our session will take place over Zoom so we can really get to know each other and collaborate. Intensives typically last for two hours and it's very much a two-way conversation. Feel free to come prepared with questions! If you'd like me to record our session and send this across, just let me know when we get started. You're also welcome to invite additional team members to the session.

What happens next?

After the session, I'll head off to do some more thinking and strategising for you. Within 48 hours of our call, I'll pop through a Google Doc. But my support doesn't stop there. Any questions following the session? No problem - you've got me on email for 7 days following the sessions to iron anything out. My typical response time to emails is 24 - 48 hours.



£125 GBP* / $185 USD / $275 AUD

Prices are shown GBP, USD & AUD, and are subject to change based on exchange rates. If you require a quote in another currency, please contact me. For UK-based clients, VAT will be charged at the current rate of 20% on your intensive fee.


To book your intensive, just hit the button below to send me a message. I'll be in touch ASAP

A natural progression to this intensive would be 1:1 Creative Business Coaching.  This is a bespoke 1:1 experience, designed to suit you and your business.


Are you ready to get focused and elevate your brand to the next level?


"The information and suggestions you shared with me have already been and will be incredibly useful. Your insight into something that can be so daunting and confusing has given me some much needed confidence and will without doubt change the way I market my brand. You have given me lots to think about and plan and I so look forward to speaking with you again."

Bobbi Adamson
Material Difference - intensive

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"I truly enjoyed meeting you and chatting with you. It was very insightful and I learned a lot from you way beyond the actual content you have shared with me. Even though it may be a bit different from the industry norm, I love your attitude, your helpfulness, and your non-pushy approach. I had a consult call a couple of hours after our call and really had your attitude in mind when making my offer. "

Taly Elbaum - WellBee Coaching  Marketing Audit

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"Thank you so much. Wow. That was so detailed and cohesive, thank you so much for the rich feedback!
I plan to go back through it and add action items for myself to tweak those things. This was very helpful! I'll for sure be joining your community and keeping you in mind when I need help with marketing - such a wealth of knowledge!"

Crystal Haitsma - Crystal Noelle Coaching - Marketing Audit

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