Marketing. Made simple.

We offer full-service and holistic marketing support for a handful of clients each year. Social media management, email marketing, content creation and advertising - let us handle it all for you. Free up time to do the thing you're bloody amazing at.

How will a holistic marketing strategy help me?

Your market - accessed

A well-rounded and solid marketing strategy is a major component of your business plan. Once your core channels have been identified, it becomes easier to connect with your ideal client and take your chosen products and services into the market with ease and focus.

your energy - preserved

Working alongside a boutique agency like ours means that a lot of your marketing and sales efforts can happen whilst you're spending your valuable time focusing on the things you're really good at in your business. Allow the experts to handle your marketing, you do you.

your business - on autopilot

If your marketing is working properly, a lot of it can be completely automated. We ensure that your marketing strategy is a combination of proactive, in-the-moment content, combined with more evergreen strategies that will endure over time. A balanced, holistic approach.

your clients - connected

We need to ensure your ideal client is fully understood - inside out and upside down. We can work together on your comms strategy, tone of voice and content pillars. All of these things help you to connect with your audience and make a bigger impact.

Full-service marketing support

Compassionate, authentic marketing

How does it work?

We know it can be a scary concept - handing over your customer-facing channels to complete strangers. Even the best entrepreneurs can find delegation difficult.

But here's the thing - you can't be an expert at everything you do. We've got over 35 years of combined experience in our team - and we're ready to share this with your business.

We'll hold a discovery call together to establish what channels you'd like to outsource. For some clients, this is an isolated platform - like Instagram. For others, they like to handover their entire marketing strategy. We're happy with either option - just let us know on your call what you're looking to achieve.

Once you've decided to work with us, we'll go through an extensive immersion phase. This is our time to fully understand your brand, your message, your products/services and your ideal client. We'll start crafting strategies for your marketing channels.

Each month, we'll rollout content for your chosen channels, working in two-week content sprints. We hold regular strategy catch-up calls and we also provide a quarterly marketing report, documenting progress, findings and recommendations for future marketing efforts. Think of us as your marketing partner - we're right there alongside you. 

How much does it cost?
Packages start from £650 per month

How long does it last?
Packages last for a minimum of three months

What can you help with?

A helping hand, when you need it most

Within our internal team, we have extensive experience with a wide range of marketing channels and disciplines. We also work with a handful of highly-trusted experts if you have areas you would like to outsource for your brand such as SEO.

Social Media Management - we're very comfortable handling Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for your brand. This includes the strategy, all of the content creation you will need, engagement and platform-specific research.

Core services include:

Email Strategy + Blog Creation - we use numerous email service providers and can create regular campaigns, lead magnets and automated workflows. We also work with clients to produce well-researched and fully optimised blogs for their content strategy.

Advertising + PR - we can handle traditional printed media and online advertising, along with advising you on a PR strategy for your brand. We can also recommend trusted and specific experts in paid social ads, search advertising and further PR support if needed.

We love to create high-level marketing strategies too. So, if you're keen to keep control of your channels, but would like an expert to pull together a plan of action for you, simply reach out to enquire.

Podcast Launch + Management - We know that podcasting can be such an incredible medium for business and our packages have been designed to remove the friction in this process. Seamless podcast delivery, slick production + truly effortless marketing support. 

Explore our portfolio of marketing clients

Enjoy some examples from our portfolio of marketing clients and if you'd like to explore each one in a little more detail, just hit the button.


"In a short space of time, after working with Laura, I've relaunched my newly rebranded website.

Laura's advice and guidance made me think about my marketing, content creation and branding in a different way. The new branding is a reflection of who I am - what made this process so easy was the way Laura translated what I wanted."

Nicola - a gentler pace
branding & 1:1 coaching client

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If you'd like to talk about a branding or website project, please feel free to book in for a discovery call.


"I delayed rebranding my business and website because I thought it would be a painful process. However, with Laura it wasn’t.

She was professional, creative and proactive throughout, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Thank you!"

Guy - Guy Petheram Garden Design
Branding & Website Client

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If you'd like to talk about a branding or website project, please feel free to book in for a discovery call.


"I've had so much fun working with Laura over the last 1.5 years. Just a few months into my business, I also decided to work with her as my marketing strategist (and business coach) and I LOVED the absolute effortless ease with which we worked together as a team on my business + social strategy. 

I can't recommend her highly enough for all your business and marketing needs."

PArul Sharma
full marketing retainer client

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If you'd like to talk to me about outsourcing your marketing channels, you can go ahead and apply to work together here.


"Working with Ebb, Flow & Grow was a perfect solution for our organisation -- Laura's expertise and insights allowed our small team to diversify and exponentially grow our online presence, using new media forms and accessing trends that we otherwise would have overlooked. Strongly recommend EF&G for anyone looking to engage deeper with their online audience and optimise performance!" 

beneath the waves
social media management

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If you'd like to talk to me about outsourcing your marketing channels, you can go ahead and apply to work together here.


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