Rediscovering my purpose.

I've always had an entrepreneurial spark. I ran a small business back in my early twenties but after spending four years trying to make it work, I hit burnout. I had no marketing strategy and no clue how to create a profitable, yet sustainable business,

I turned my back on business ownership, declaring that it simply wasn't for me. Fast forward ten years and my goodness me - I had done my time in corporate too. I was exhausted, disenchanted and generally over with everything that came with working for somebody else. That desire to do something for myself had been brewing inside me for quite a while, long before the pandemic hit.

Look at the stars. Look at how they shine for you.

Everything changed for me within just a few short months. It felt as though the stars truly aligned. In March 2020, I was employed, juggling a side hustle and living in a rented house. We were saddled with debt. Stressed. Low. Struggling to keep our heads above water.

Fast forward to the end of July - I found myself as a full-time business owner, having been made redundant. But as if that wasn't enough, we'd also sold around 90% of our belongings and moved into our campervan to travel.

Because that's what building the right business can do for you. It can open doors and your mind to a whole world of opportunity.  And how are things going, you might ask?

Well, as of right now, we've paid back £15,000 of personal debt and we have five-figures in savings in the bank. The business is going from strength to strength - having surpassed my old corporate salary. We took on our first brilliant team member, Katie, in October 2021 and Danni then joined us in February 2022 as our soulful expansion continues.. Life. Is. Good.

I love soulful, creative entrepreneurs almost as much as I love tea.

Heart-centered. Tea-drinking. I build deep, soulful relationships with my clients, many of whom become lifelong friends. I'm here to do business differently - I want to help you cut through the noise and achieve your goals but without the hustle.

I'm all about authentic, sustainable growth. Building a business that, first and foremost, makes you feel amazing. As my dear Dad used to tell me - we shouldn't do anything that doesn't make us happy.

My aim is to help you experience the same things I've had the fortune to over the last 2 years.

Time freedom. Financial freedom. Creative freedom. True joy. Self-expression. And the satisfaction of building something you're truly proud of.

I'm ready, if you are. I'll pop the kettle on.

Dip your toe with a one-off intensive or dive in headfirst with 12 weeks of intensive 1:1. coaching. Or, let us create your whole marketing plan and we'll manage your channels for you.

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Blossom is home to 50 creatives and counting. Within the space, we deliver monthly group coaching, expert training sessions and soulful business support in a beautiful community setting.

If you're launching your brand for the first time, or considering a brand refresher, we would love to support you. Explore our previous projects here and discover our branding and website packages.

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Some fun facts about me:

I moved into my campervan full-time in 2020 and initially ran my business from the road. I traveled with my lovely husband, Karl - and our German Shepherd. Bear (the dog) only has three legs but has a shed load of personality to make up for it! But we wouldn't change him for the world.


Some fun facts about me:

I'm an inherently clumsy human. I really do mean it; I once I managed to break my own arm by sitting on it. Impressive, eh? But honestly - I struggle to walk in a straight line. I have two left feet too. Whilst I would LOVE to be able to dance, I don't think I've missed my opportunity on Broadway.


Some fun facts about me:

Some of my absolute favourite things in life are decaf tea, white chocolate, muddy boots, beach walks, headspace by the ocean, yoga and Christmas. I'm also a huge advocate of naps. In fact, I'm actively encourage them and my team focuses on achieving a true work-life balance.


I'm Laura - and you're probably already feeling like you know me a bit already if you've explored the website. I look after our 1:1 coaching clients and lead on the development of marketing strategies for our clients. I founded Ebb, Flow & Grow in the midst of the pandemic and I'm incredibly proud to be scaling a sustainable, soulful business.


Laura Greenland - Founder, CEO & LEAD COACH/STRATEGIST

Lovely Katie joined the team here at EF&G in October 2021 and has gone from strength to strength during that time. Katie graduated with a 1st Class BA Honours Degree in Journalism & Publishing. She lives in Bristol and now looks after the majority of our 1:1 retainer clients, creating content for their marketing channels and websites.

Who's in the team?

danni donnelly - Social media coordinator & marketing magician

Danni came on board at EF&G in February 2022 and it's been incredible to have her as part of the team. A highly experienced entrepreneur in her own right, Danni brings a wealth of experience - from running a business, to content writing and idea generation. She works heavily across our own marketing channels, along with assisting on retainer accounts.

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