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Creative Business Coach, Agency Founder, University Guest Lecturer, Senior Marketing Manager, Magazine Editor + Blogger, Head of Digital + Social Media, Customer Services Manager, Events Coordinator. 

Gosh. What a list. What a career it's been so far. 

I've always had an entrepreneurial spark in me. My first business was a huge learning curve in my early twenties. My first foray into running my own venture. And I'll be honest - it was pretty tough. I ran my blog and magazine for almost four years whilst juggling my full-time 9 -5. Side hustles are one of the biggest yet most rewarding commitments. I think I always knew that deep down, I was destined to be my own boss, although it wasn't quite meant to be back then. My job roles were varied, challenging but there was always SOMETHING missing.

However, it took me a little over ten years and a global pandemic to realise that in my heart and soul. 

And in a heartbeat, everything changed.

It felt as though the stars truly aligned for me in March 2020. I was employed, juggling a side hustle (AGAIN!) and living in a rented house. I was saddled with debt. Stressed. Low. And struggling to keep my head above water.

Fast forward to the end of July - I suddenly found myself as a full-time business owner, having been made redundant due to the pandemic. But as if that wasn't enough, I'd also sold around 90% of my belongings and moved into a campervan to travel full-time.

Because that's what building the right business can do for you. It can open doors and your mind to a whole world of opportunity.  And how are things going, you might ask?

Well, as of right now, I've paid back £15,000 of personal debt. The business is going from strength to strength - having surpassed my old corporate salary. Our soulful expansion continued into 2023 and we hit that elusive six-figure mark as a brand. Life. Is. Good.




Creativity and motivation feel low. Your energy levels are depleted. This is a challenging phase - but we promise, we'll help you through it every time.

Inspired by the movement of the ocean and the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship, Ebb, Flow & Grow was born.

We use our years of experience within business and marketing strategy to help you. With us in your corner, you'll be able to endure the "downs", embrace the "ups" - and ultimately, you'll thrive as a business owner.

So - what's in a name?

Whether you're scaling your brand or experiencing growth for the first time, it's excitement combined with anticipation. Take a deep breath - we're right here.

This is one of the best moments in business. You feel energised and like you can take on the world. We'll help you structure your brilliant ideas.

We love soulful, creative entrepreneurs - almost as much as we love tea.

Heart-centered. Tea-drinking. We build deep, soulful relationships with our clients, many of whom become lifelong friends. We're here to do business differently - we want to help you cut through the noise and achieve your goals - but without the hustle.

We're all about authentic, sustainable growth. Building a business that, first and foremost, makes you feel utterly incredible, every single day. We shouldn't do anything that doesn't make us happy and that absolutely applies to entrepreneurship.

Our aim is to help you experience the same things we've had the fortune to over the last three years.

Time freedom. Financial freedom. Creative freedom. True joy. Self-expression. And the satisfaction of building something you're truly proud of.

Ways to work with us

I'm Laura - and you're probably already feeling like you know me a bit already if you've explored the website. I look after our 1:1 coaching clients and lead on the development of marketing strategies for our clients. I founded Ebb, Flow & Grow in the midst of the pandemic and I'm incredibly proud to be scaling a sustainable, soulful business.

Laura Greenland - Founder, CEO & LEAD COACH/STRATEGIST

Who's in the team?

Becky romanski -
Creative Director and account manager

Becky has had an incredible career to date. Her background straddles both marketing and retail - having worked in-house for brands, within a digital agency, and in senior/visual merchandising for several household names. Becky heads up our Creative Agency, leading our team and sharing her years of wisdom with our beautiful clients.

Amanda Rickaby -
graphic designer & illustrator

Amanda has been a part of the team since the start of the year, and now we don't know what we would do without her! She is a design and illustration wizard - she supports our clients with beautiful and thoughtful graphic creations. Amanda also works across our agency projects, helping us to deliver stunning branding and website projects for our clients.

libby tate -

Libby is our most recent member of the team and joined in the summer of 2023. She has experience working for some major brands and business. Now looking for a more creative and connected approach to her marketing passion, Libby assists with the management and co-ordination of our personal accounts,
as well as some of our clients.

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