Below, you'll find an overview of the different ways you can work with us if you're looking to develop your skills as an entrepreneur.

We have two core 1:1 options - our 12 week creative business coaching program being the primary. We also offer one-off intensive sessions.

You can also explore our thriving creative membership space - Blossom - and delve into our courses/ebooks.

Coaching and Education

1:1 Creative Business Coaching

My 1:1 coaching experience has been designed for the entrepreneur that is really looking to take a big leap with their business and runs over an initial period of 12 weeks.

Who is the programme perfect for?

- You are seeking a tailor-made and bespoke strategy for your business
- You would love to have a coach to speak with every day about your progress
- You are desperately seeking accountability, deadline management and support

Who should maybe consider a different option?

- You have only just launched your business and you're still figuring out exactly what you're going to do
- You feel you might enjoy a group or community setting more than 1:1 coaching - if so, you should definitely check out our membership space - Blossom

1:1 Intensives

1:1 Intensives are a one-off strategy session where we get together to talk through 2 - 3 key challenges that you're facing with your marketing or brand strategy.

Who is a 1:1 intensive perfect for?

- You have a specific challenge in your business that you're looking for support with
- You'd like a one-off injection of creativity and strategy into your business
- You're not sure if you're ready to commit to a full coaching programme just yet

Who should maybe consider a different option?

- You have a large number of areas across your business that you need help with
- You need ongoing accountability and structure in order to get things done

Blossom Membership Space

I run a beautiful membership space that has been specifically designed for the creative, soulful entrepreneur. Lots of our 1:1 clients also use Blossom alongside the work we're doing together. 

Who is the membership perfect for?

- You are craving community and connection, with like-minded business owners
- You're keen to develop your skills across the board in business ownership, marketing and mindset - and you're willing to put in some work to achieve it 
- You really enjoy group settings where you can bounce ideas around with other people

Who should maybe consider a different option?

- You need extensive support for your business and feel like 1:1 would be a better fit 
- You're unable to carve out 2 - 4 hours per month to take advantage of the sessions

Ebooks & Courses

I have two products that you can dive into right away. The Power of Branding is an in-depth ebook, designed to help you to elevate your brand. The Marketing Starter Kit Course outlines the fundamentals of strategic marketing across five core modules.

Who is an ebook or course perfect for?

- You're just getting started with branding or marketing for your business 
- You work really well under your own steam and are a confident self-learner 
- You have a limited start-up budget so you're looking for cost-friendly-options

Who should maybe consider a different option?

- You're a little further along in your business journey and already have branding in place
- You'd rather work in a community setting or with a coach 1:1

If you'd like to explore working with me further, please feel free to book a discovery call.

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