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What's the podcast about?

A Cup of Something Lovely is a weekly creative business podcast full of stories, anecdotes, experiences and tips - designed to help you build a truly successful yet soulful business.

Enjoy a mixture of gorgeous solo episodes, 20 minute Tea Break sessions and exclusive guest interviews from aligned industry experts.

"I just finished listening to this podcast and I loved every second! You have such a wonderful, calming but engaging voice and I love your stories and insights! I’m only sad that they aren’t longer and more often!"

Lizzy - Podcast Listener

Meet your podcast host

I'm Laura - and it's lovely to meet you.

I'm a Creative Business Coach - I've been building my business since the end of 2019 and this year, we've successfully and soulfully scaled to six figures. 

Now, my journey hasn't been linear. A toxic experience in corporate, redundancy during the COVID pandemic and 1.5 years running my business as a digital nomad on the road.

I'm here to support you transform your life and business - from corporate and conventional, to connected and creative - just like I did.

A Cup of Something Lovely brings together my adventures and experiences - and every episode is designed to inspire and encourage.


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"The perfect podcast for soulful businesses. Laura is truly an inspiration, with her coaching genius, and through her personal story too.  A wonderfully warm accompaniment to peaceful moments."

Amanda - Podcast Listener

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