Episode 6

Why grace and space is essential if you want to be successful in business

The four most common misconceptions around taking breaks in your business and enforcing boundaries 

Why I believe the corporate hustle culture has a lot to answer for 

How we're crafting a culture and a business model that accommodates regular rest and true freedom

A great question on structure + business flow, submitted this week within The Creative Business Clinic

Why grace and space is essential if you want to be successful in business

This episode of A Cup of Something Lovely is going to be a big old permission slip. Having spent the last 3.5 years building my own business, I’ve come to a few realisations about how, as creative entrepreneurs, a lot of us can be very susceptible to overworking. 

We tend to push and push ourselves, often to breaking point, and that’s usually to the detriment of our businesses, our personal lives and our mental and physical health. So, I’m breaking this topic down in more detail today, to give you some guidance around structure, boundaries and most importantly - rest. 

I wanted to share some of my experiences from the corporate world and how we're doing things very, very differently here at Ebb, Flow & Grow. There are four common misconceptions that business owners tend to have around boundaries and time-off in their businesses including:

“If I hustle until I literally drop, my business will be successful. Hard work is going to guarantee me results.”

“I’ll book some time off when I’ve achieved INSERT GOAL HERE. Ie, when I’ve hit a certain milestone, revenue target or complete a project, I’ll take a rest.”

“If I take time away from my business, the momentum will run out and things will stop happening.”

“If I’m seen to be taking too much time off people/clients/customers will stop taking me seriously as a business owner.”

This episode will break down each of these misconceptions and give you some tangible tips on how to reframe your mindset around rest and recuperation.  

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"Do not attribute rest as a reward. I’m going to say that again. Rest is not a reward - it’s a requirement. Rest should not be scheduled when you’re about to drop. It’s too late at this point, as rest following burnout takes a whole other level of recuperation."

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