Episode 2

Making the switch from corporate + conventional, to connected and creative - my business journey

How I was exposed to entrepreneurship from an early-age and bucked the trend in my 20's

Why I launched a print and digital magazine, with absolutely no experience, at the very start of my career

Five things that I did in year one of my business, that allowed us to hit six figures in year three

A reminder about The Creative Business Clinic, a Q&A segment coming at the end of each episode

Making the switch from corporate + conventional, to connected and creative - my business journey

In this episode of A Cup of Something Lovely, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane. Join me as I explore my entrepreneurial legacy, my very first business and the crazy experiences in corporate that led me to launch a business in the middle of a pandemic. Plus, I’ll share the top five things I did in my second business that made it a six-figure brand in three years.

Reflecting on my childhood and the decisions that led to me growing up in an entrepreneurial household was actually super cathartic. My career choices ended up leading to the birth of my very first business - a print and digital magazine that I launched in my early 20's. In episode three, coming out on 30/01/2023, I'll be sharing more about why this baby business actually didn't make it and led to a fairly catastrophic moment of burnout. 

My second go around in business has been so different with Ebb, Flow & Grow. This podcast episode showcases the five of the most important factors that I attribute to my subsequent success. I'm also sharing some truths about starting a business, like what it really takes to make it as an entrepreneur - from money to mindset.

This episode is absolutely jam-packed with hints, tips and tricks, that I hope you'll find SO useful.


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"I made my mindset a priority during the first year and had to start undoing that corporate conditioning, layer by layer. Year one was full of big scary earth-shattering choices. Bearing in mind, if you’ve listened to the first episode, this was also the year we said goodbye to conventional living, it was a leap of faith on overdrive."

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- Laura Greenland

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I'm here to support you transform your life and business - from corporate and conventional, to connected and creative - just like I did.

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