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Welcome to Ebb, Flow & Grow


A retreat designed to realign your soul, heart and mind with your business.




Creativity and motivation feel low. Your energy levels are depleted. This is a challenging phase - but we promise, we'll help you through it every time.

Welcome, beautiful friend. I'm so glad you're here.

We have a deeply-rooted passion to support entrepreneurs as they navigate the natural phases of business ownership. We're here to help you find alignment - to do business in a way that feels brilliant. We help you to achieve sustainable, long-term success, delivered via a range of 1:1 coaching options, strategic marketing & branding consultancy, and an intimate membership space.

Inspired by the movement of the ocean and the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship, Ebb, Flow & Grow was born.

We use our years of experience within business and marketing strategy to help you. With us in your corner, you'll be able to endure the "downs", embrace the "ups" - and ultimately, you'll thrive as a business owner.

So - what's in a name?

Whether you're scaling your brand or experiencing growth for the first time, it's excitement combined with anticipation. Take a deep breath - we're right here.

This is when the magic starts to happen. You feel uplifted, energised and like you can take on the world. We'll be there to help structure your brilliant ideas.

Before we can think about launching new products or scaling our business, we must ensure the essential foundations are in place.

Marketing and branding are fundamental pillars of business. Creating a powerful brand, supported by a strategic and holistic marketing plan enables you to effectively and clearly position your business in the market. Without these key components, you can feel lost, overwhelmed and out of control.

You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. The same applies to your business.

Achieve a clear vision on how to build and market your brand 

Identify the marketing channels to reach your ideal client

Experience an uplift in enquiries and revenue 

Finally feel fully aligned with your business

How would it feel if you could finally achieve the following?

Are you ready to build a soulful, aligned and holistic strategy for your brand and business? Dive into our 2-part freebie to find out more!

Take a moment.  Pour a cuppa.

Hey look - a freebie!

Dip your toe with a one-off intensive or dive in headfirst with 12 weeks of intensive 1:1. coaching. Or, let us create your whole marketing plan and we'll manage your channels for you.

Creative Brand & Web Development

Blossom Membership Space

Marketing Support and Business Coaching

So, how can we support your brand and business?

We truly believe that every individual and every single business is unique. You won't find any cookie-cutter strategies here. Oh no! 

We focus on YOU. We put you at the very heart of your business and your strategy. You'll learn to trust your intuition. We'll work together to create a business that perfectly complements your skillset too.

Explore the different ways to work with us below. We provide marketing support and business coaching for independent entrepreneurs and small, artisan brands. You can work with us to develop a robust brand identity too.

We also run an intimate and very special membership space. It's called Blossom and it's a collective of creative souls, in a beautifully supportive container. You can find out more below.

Blossom is home to 50 creatives and counting. Within the space, we deliver monthly group coaching, expert training sessions and soulful business support in a beautiful community setting.

If you're launching your brand for the first time, or considering a brand refresher, we would love to support you. Explore our previous projects here and discover our branding and website packages.

I signed up for a 1:1 intensive with Laura, thinking that she would help me with a little insight into marketing. However, once we started our call, I knew it was so much more than that. I felt so excited about the direction of my business (something I had not felt since when I started it). I was feeling stuck and needed direction and that is exactly what Laura helped me with. If you feel as though you are at a standstill within your business, please look no further! It has been a few weeks since our conversation and I am still completely fired up about my next steps. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction and reminding me why I do what I do every single day!

jackie - kind by design nyc - intensive client

Some kind words:

I contacted Laura during a very stressful time in my life, when my business was in transition after an international move. I wanted a fresh new look to celebrate the new start. I had some ideas but really needed assistance after trying to do it myself. I could not be happier with my rebrand! Laura came up with some amazing ideas and really tapped in to what I was all about even though I couldn't articulate it myself. My feedback was always taken on board and every step of the process was really exciting. Having a new logo and branding has given me a lot of excitement and confidence about the future of my business - thank you!

rachael - rachael bruford coaching - branding & flourish client

Some kind words:

Laura was recommended to me and after following her for a while on social media I liked what I saw and asked for her help. I absolutely cannot fault her service. She is incredibly professional and clearly very experienced and totally understood what my business was about and what I needed to do to move forward. The results are absolutely beautiful . I am really happy that I contacted Laura and if you are looking for an experienced, insightful professional then I recommend that you do too.

rachel - catkin - intensive & branding client

Some kind words:

Hey, I'm Laura

I work with entrepreneurs, just like you, to develop their skills in marketing, branding and soulful business. 


Nice to meet you!

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November 6, 2018

Brandon & Kayla Getting Married at Tahkenitch Lake

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November 6, 2018

Brandon & Kayla Getting Married at Tahkenitch Lake

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