Episode 4

Six major shifts I’m seeing in the business space that you can implement today

The six key trends we're witnessing in the business world that we see being prevalent for the rest of 2023

How these trends can be interpreted and applied to your own business

Some excellent, tangible examples from our clients, our business and some global brand names too

The very first instalment of The Creative Business Clinic, where we're answering our first listener-submitted question

Six major shifts I’m seeing in the business space that you can implement today

The role I play as a Creative Business Coach and the way that we support our clients allows me to work alongside and within a wide range of business types - service-led, product-based and those with bricks and mortar premises. 

On this episode of A Cup of Something Lovely, I’m talking through six growing trends that I’m noticing throughout the business space in 2023 and how these learnings can be applied to your own brand.

Nobody has a crystal ball. But in the work we do with our clients, along with marketing our own hybrid coaching + agency business, we're in a fortunate position here at Ebb, Flow & Grow. Every single week, we have our eyes and ears across a broad spectrum of industries. To name just a few, we're currently working with:

- An artisan granola brand in the UK
- A soon-to-launch superfood brand in the US
- A well-established bricks + mortar hospitality/wedding brand in the UK 
- A handmade wooden toy brand in the US
- A massage therapist and yoga instructor in Australia 

And the list goes on!

This is just a small sample of our client roster. We're able to gather insights and data from across the world, in the fields of marketing and business strategy. Those learnings have formed the foundation of this podcast episode. We've collated six of the key trends that we've been picking up on recently, and those that we see really dominating the business world during 2023.

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Our Creative Business Clinic question came from Coralie, an artist who creates the most beautiful custom portrait pieces, primarily using graphite pencil. Connect with Coralie over on: her website or her YouTube Channel

My business coach Ashton Smith and her amazing YouTube Channel for the AUTHENTIC series: find it here

Check out the slightly disastrous M&S Virtual Influencer launch: find it here

Blossom, our supportive membership space + community: www.ebbflowandgrow.com/blossom-membership-space

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"But as technology and digital capabilities continue to explode - with development of AI happening at a rate never seen before, I think some brands are now starting to miss a trick. With the continued obsession with virtual experiences, the metaverse and streamlining our brands with digital technology, we are forgetting that sometimes, there is magic to be found in the raw, the real, and the physical."

Magic Moment...

- Laura Greenland

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