Episode 9

Why introversion is one of the biggest superpowers in business

The four typical types of introversion and their common characteristics 

Why I think being an introverted business owner is an excellent opportunity for growth and alignment

Why every type of introvert has the potential to build a successful brand, with some useful tips and guidance

We're supporting another incredible entrepreneur in the Creative Business Clinic - and we're focusing on boundaries

Why introversion is one of the biggest superpowers in business

On a recent episode of another wonderful podcast, I was interviewed about why sensitivity is such a superpower in business. And I wholeheartedly agree with this. But you know what I think is another incredible superpower? Introversion!

Introverted business owners, in my view, have a unique opportunity to craft purpose-driven and aligned brands from the ground up. Whilst certain personality traits and characteristics are often cast as negative things, I think everything that comes with being an introvert can be funnelled into positivity - on your brand, on your business and on your impact.

I'm really speaking from the heart during this episode as I am most definitely an introverted business owner myself. I spent many years working in the corporate world and unfortunately, as I was constantly trying to squeeze myself into the confinements of the corporate machine, it felt like I was constantly wearing a mask. I was presenting an inauthentic version of myself, every single day, simply to fit in. 

It wasn't until redundancy forced me to leave that space for good that I was able to truly discover who I was. And it turned out, I am most definitely an introvert, through and through - and actually, I think I'm a combination of several introverted types. In this episode, I'm talking about the four types of introversion and how actually, any of them can lend themselves beautifully to making you into a successful and thriving entrepreneur. 

If there's anything I've learned on my journey in business over the last few years, it's how powerful it can be when we lean into who we are at the core. So, introverted entrepreneurs of the world - this one is for you. 

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"I also think the thinking introvert and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand. If I had to pick who I would love to have strategising and driving my business forward, doing that bigger-picture thinking and considering all eventualities - it would be a thinking introvert. The ability to really take a step back and to carefully consider outcomes is actually a wonderful trait to possess. The thinking introvert is likely to be very cautious before making spontaneous decisions, and being able to hold your nerve as a business owner - ie, not panicking when something happens - is something to be really proud of. "

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