Episode 8

“You need broader shoulders” - and other lies I was told in the corporate world

Some of the biggest lies I was told during my corporate career

Why I'm able to use my negative corporate experiences as positive ammunition in my business now

How we're crafting a beautiful company culture - and why you may already have a culture, even if you don't realise it

We're tackling how you can confront the green-eyed monster over in the The Creative Business Clinic this time

“You need broader shoulders” - and other lies I was told in the corporate world

In this episode of the podcast, I’m taking a deep dive back into the corporate world, and my goodness. What a trip down memory lane that was! It really made me realise just how far I’ve come with my self-confidence, and how much of a difference it makes when you build your own company culture from the ground up.

I’ve dedicated this episode to some of the absolute rubbish I was told in my corporate career - such as needing broader shoulders, needing to fundamentally change parts of my personality, and some of the other crazy expectations that were placed upon me.

Brace yourselves, because I’m coming in with some MAJOR truth bombs in this one. 

I would absolutely love to know if this episodes resonates with any of you as you're listening along - and I actually took a major part of my inspiration from this Instagram post that I published last year. I'd shared one of my crazy corporate stories and the response I got from my community was immense! 

In the episode, I'm talking through some of the big lies that I was repeatedly told by senior management and leaders of the businesses I worked for. From crazy expectations, dissecting parts of my personality, and insane requests - I haven't held back. 

I also wanted to share some positivity around why a negative corporate experience can actually be a good thing for your business, inspiring both motivation to succeed, and giving inspiration for creating a company culture that is far more aligned with your morals and ethics. I'm really proud of this one, so drop me a message on Instagram if you connect too.

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I remember coming home from work and it felt like it was the first time I could actually breathe all day. What it was doing to my stress and anxiety levels must have been pretty horrifying - both psychologically and physiologically, but I became so conditioned to it, so used to feeling like this every single day, that I just assumed it was the way things were. And because I was perhaps a little unlucky and experienced this in multiple organisations, I really did think it was just universal. The world of work was like that and that was just the way it was. There was no point in trying to fight against it, certainly not if I wanted to progress. 

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