Dolce Vita Kitchen

Brand identity | showit website development

We are currently midway through this project with Molly - who runs the newly rebranded Dolce Vita Kitchen (formerly La Dolce Vita Sweets). Molly is in the process of acquiring physical premises for her bakery/kitchen and required a new visual identity to support this next phase of business.

So far, we have completed the new branding. It is a beautiful representation of her business vision. She wanted to incorporate a sunflower which has a really personal meaning for her, along with a vibrant yet professional colour palette. 

We wanted the brand to exude positivity and I think we really achieved that. Her new Showit website is currently in development and will be showcased here very, very soon!

Watch this space.


What molly says so far:

"I LOVE this logo concept. It honestly wasn’t what I was expecting which is fine because it’s so much better than I envisioned! I think you both struck the perfect balance between traditional and modern that I want this brand to evoke. "

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