HEART with Hanna

Brand identity, showit website & strategic marketing support

Hanna is a talented mother-of-two who currently travelling and world-schooling her two young children around Europe. She moved into her campervan full-time in the autumn of 2020 and hasn't looked back since.

She decided to launch a gorgeous brand - HEART with Hanna - which will encompass reiki, aromatherapy, healing and a range of holistic treatments.

Until the pandemic subsides, her treatments will be mainly offered online so it was crucial that Hanna had a beautiful website to match her marketing efforts. The website was developed on Showit and is a great representation of Hanna's brand, style and character.


The branding

Hanna also required a complete visual identity for her business, and so - HEART with Hanna was born. Representing the key areas of her business - healing, energy, aromatherapy, reiki and treatments - Hanna's brand is a clever acronym. 

I developed a gorgeous colour palette and visual identity to ensure that her potential clients felt an immediate sense of calm when they found her online.

The branding is reassuring, approachable and rooted in spirituality. We've also worked together since this project to start laying down the foundations for her new marketing strategy.

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