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Rosalyn Oxer is a gentle productivity coach based in Valencia in Spain.

Before we started working together, Rosalyn knew that her existing brand identity wasn't quite aligned with the direction she was heading in. She had also been wanting to launch a new programme and services, but felt like her branding was causing a block and a barrier in her business.

We worked together to overhaul the visual identity of her branding. We gave the logo a complete facelift, along with introducing a new and vibrant colour palette, something that really struck a chord with Rosalyn as soon as she saw it. 

The new branding came at the perfect time and worked beautifully across all digital platforms.



"Working with Laura was brilliant. She understood my ideas and I could tell that she wanted everything to be just right for me. She listened to the tweaks I wanted made until we had something that gave me butterflies. I couldn't be happier with the results."

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